Meet Matilda! And Olivia!

Scott Priz, dog reporter, on assignment in Lincoln Park.

Meet Matilda and , and two curly puppy dogs that I met outside on DePaul’s new music center!

They were incredibly adorable! I asked to pet them, and they bound up to me to say hello!

It was very difficult to get a good picture of them! They just want to say hello so badly, they would not sit still for a photograph!

Here’s a representative photo of my attempts:

So friendly! So happy! We played for a little while, and then, alas, it was time to say goodbye! Goodbye, Olivia! Goodbye Matilda! I shall remember our 30 seconds forever!

Favorite Beatles song: Why don’t we do it in the yard. They love yards!

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Meet Otter!

Scott Priz, dog reporter, on assignment in Chicago.

Meet Otter Smith Miller.

This photograph, taken by a rank amateur, is of a glorious and wonderful dog that I was fortunate enough to run into at a local holiday party.

He is a very happy, excellent doggie. He would run from guest to guest to get as much attention as he could. Perhaps gently ask for a treat, and then get as much attention as he could.

In addition to being adorable, he is also a rank 1 snuggler, who is perfectly happy to join the guests on the couch to get maximum attention.

27 out of ten, will pet again.

Favorite Beatles Song: come together. Come together…in snuggleland!

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Pub dog alert! Pub dog alert!

Scott Priz, dog reporter, back at the home office in Chicago.

Last night, I was invited to a secret event to celebrate the Union and damn the Confederacy. Rituals were done, songs were sung, and a good time was had by all at Gallery Caberet.

And then…these two wet and wonderful creatures came through the door!

I have forgotten their names, but not how wonderful they were! There was BBQ, and the pups were interested in begging food off anyone that went to the piles of food.

Oh, such a wonderful surprise! Come for the Civil War Battlesongs, stay for the magnificent puppies!

25 out of ten, would pet again.

Favorite Beatles Song: Savoy Truffle! They just love the food!

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Doggies in Washington Square Park!

Meet Tara!

Tara is a most excellent dog! She would gently walk up to strangers, wagging her tail, hoping to say hello!

Needless to say, that worked on me, and she received many pets! Eventually, she met the next dog I met, Bella, and we all said hello!


Favorite Beatles Song: Bungalo Bill! She’s a playful hunter, this one!

Meet Bella!

Oh my god! What a wonderful dog Bella is! Much like my dog, Atticus, she is a wonderful mutt! I asked what she was, and her owner replied everything!


She only likes to be pet under her chin, and will back away if you try to pet her on the top of her head. Understand this, should you meet Bella in the future.

She also loves other dogs, and happily played with Tara when they met.

Favorite Beatle Song: she is the Walrus!

Bonus puppy picture!

And finally, Meet Luigi!

Luigi is so friendly! We was snuggled up with his owners on a park bench! I was just about to ask if I could meet him, and he hopped off to say hello!

Helllllo Luigi!

And wanted pets so badly that he leapt onto my coat! And the. He received the pets!

Yay! What a good dog!

Favorite Beatle Song: He is also the Walrus.

And that’s all from New York. Until we meet, and read again, this is Scott Priz signing off. Remember- there are so many good dogs in this world, and it’s my job to meet them, and tell you all about them.

Onwards! Onwards!

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All the dogs I met today in New York!

Scott Priz, dog reporter, on assignment in New York City!

In a special report, just for you, dear reader, I present to you all the dogs I met today!

Meet Jeanie- a pup who wanders Union Square. She was off to dog park till I intercepted her, and gave her all the pets! Such a sweet, beautiful dog!

Favorite Beatles song: while my guitar gently wraps. She really likes Eric Clapton solos.

Meet Etta James, also in Union Square!

Her owner was distracted by their phone, until I very gently asked to pet her! Then I did, and it was was great!

Then I went away to pet other dogs!

Meet Willow! The puppy dog of my dreams! Willow was also wandering Union Square, to buy, I like to think, some doggie treats!

Favorite Beatles Song: Yellow Submarine! She loves vacations!

Meet Dobbie! Dobbie was so friendly and calm! He sniffed me hand, and then I let him, and it was wonderful. 21 out of 10, I would pet again!

Favorite Beatles song: 8 days a week. For how often Dobbie wants to be pet.

Pile of puppies ahead!

I don’t know what these dogs names are, because they were to busy playing with each other to let me pet them! The white one was 6 months old! It’ll be a gigantic puppy some day! They just wanted to play and smell all day long it was wonderful!

Favorite Beatles Song: A day in the life.

One last puppy to go!

Meet Heath, named after Heath Ledger. He was a most excellent boy today! His mistress gently stopped, and she held a treat above his head so that he would pose.

And he did! It was great! And then he got a treat, and then I pet him!

Favorite Beatles Song: Fool on the Hill.

And that is the end of this extra special, Scott Priz dog reporter…report.

For now, this is your loyal dog correspondent, on assignment in New York. We’ll be seeing each other soon…with more doggies!

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Rocky, the Amazing dog of Greenwich Village!

Scott Priz, dog reporter, on assignment in New York City.

Meet Rocky, a 1 year old puppy dog who was wandering the streets of Greenwich Village tonight.

Rocky is an incredibly sweet dog who will, upon the approach of a friendly dog reporter, wag her tail and leap in the general direction of the pets.

She was such a good dog! When I asked if I could take her photo, she immediately posed as the picture shows. And when I was finished, she went back to leaping in the direction of the pets. Amazing!

Favorite Beatles Song: Rocky Raccoon. She really does think this sing is about her, and that her last name is raccoon.

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Meet Stinker, the Taxi Dog of London

If I may present to you a post from the archives on this Thanksgiving evening, from when I had been posted in London at the end of last year.

Scott Priz, dog reporter, London Calling.

If I may present to you the adorable black cab riding dog, Stinker.


This amazing dog rides around in  London black cab all day with his human servant.  If you get the chance to ride in this cab, you will also have the chance to pet Stinker!  He is incredibly adorable, and very well behaved on the ride over. It was only after the ride, after I’d asked to pet him, that he came to life.

And oh, such life! He bounded back and forth between his owner and me, ready for attention.  A good dog will always recognize a friendly human, and he recognized me…and how!

This is probably my favorite dog picture I’ve taken. He’s just so perfect in every way, and the owner in the background, looking on like an angel.

He is a wonderful angel dog, who is carted about the streets of London by spreading joy wherever he goes.  If you are in Her Majesty’s realm, and you are fortunate to get in this cab, you will get me the lovely lovely known only as stinker

Favorite Beatles Song:  Drive my car, of course.

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